I am Andrea Vos

Problem solver by nature, I always approach any project with an open and pragmatic mindset. Having a well-developed sense of humor and a strong emphatic streak really helps in solving complex problems within any team or organization. With only one goal:  finding the smart solutions that delight people.

During projects I enjoy working closely with stakeholders. Not only to get the problem framed right, but also to interact constantly so I can respond quickly on new insights and goals. Talking easily to everyone from end-users to C-level business owners, I can map out business and user needs in a comprehensive way. And by using design thinking methodology and user centered design principles, I ensure that we create relevant and feasible solutions.

I have a good amount of experience in a diversity of projects, organizations and markets. I have fulfilled roles as UX lead, UX designer, Digital strategist, UX researcher, Product Owner and Service designer. My years as a freelancer have taught me how to hit the ground running while keeping the eye on the ball at all times.

Below is a small selection of my work. Are you interested to see more? Let me know!

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Service design

Helping clients to capture, evaluate and merge ideas to co-create better services and products through design thinking.

Online strategy

Working with stakeholders to identify the right problem and uncover the requirements to meet your online business goals.

UX design

Translating the strategy & requirements into feasible solutions that delight your users.
Port of Amsterdam
Making docking a fluid process
As the UX lead in the newly formed agile team within Port of Amsterdam, it was my responsibility to implement design thinking values into the organisation and the team. In the span of a year we created a new website with an improved navigation, a company guide, a new arrival & departure application and improved several other online services for the many people who work in and pass through the Amsterdam Port Area. Through user research and validation, we made sure all user experiences were significantly improved.
  • Service design
  • UX lead
  • UX strategy & design
  • UX research


From the start Andrea 'claimed' her role in the team and added value with her pragmatic attitude, social competencies and strategic in-depth knowledge of UX. It was a pleasure working with Andrea.
Arjen de Vries
Interim Digital Marketing
Port of Amsterdam
Optimisers and big data
As the UX lead in the Operation Decision Support unit, it was my responsibility to improve the usability for the optimisers. Optimisers support KLM staff in complex and often urgent decision-making processes. Working on optimisers means working with the latest (big) data technology. Laying the foundation for granular user insights, and structurally collecting feedback was part of this challenge. In a fast paced environment, being pragmatic about the balance between research and solutions was imperative.
  • UX lead
  • UX design
  • UX research

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Consistancy across the world

In all Philips native apps, certain components are generic, to ensure that the Philips quality is pervasive throughout all the markets and countries. In the agile design team, I worked as the UX lead for the development of most of these components, such as Account creation, Product registration, Customer Service and an online medical service. Working for a target audience that covers the world and all the Philips markets was a great experience!   

  • UX lead
  • UX strategy
  • UX design

Google Play store

iTunes store

Andrea helped us out designing innovative user experiences for the Philips mobile platform. Her professionalism, ability to jump on a running train and perform from day one stood out immediately.She's a great person to work with.
Reinoud Bosman at
Creative Lead Digital Innovation
Philips Design
Cultural hotspot in the heart of London
For Fabrique in Delft I helped to shape the website for Southbank Centre in London. Southbank Centre is the UK’s largest arts centre, it reaches 6.25 million people a year, and encompasses over 5,000 events featuring world-class artists from across the globe.  For this cultural hotspot with several different venues, exhibitions, concerts, talks & debates and festivals, but also cafes and restaurants, it was a challenge to create a comprehensive and consistent website. The What’s on list is the central hub of the site, where users can find the activities that meet their wishes, by using the clever filtering options.
  • UX concept sketches
  • UX design
  • Proof of concept


Bloemenbureau Holland
The Green Gallery
Together with the associates at Call for Action, we created the excellent and inspiring quarterly online magazine the Green Gallery for Bloemenbureau Holland. Using a toned down navigation system, to emphasise the richness of the content.
  • UX strategy
  • UX design


Red Concepts
Together with the associates of Call for Action, we designed and developed a website and CMS for WeBuildHomes. WeBuildHomes is a smart housing concept where home buyers can pick and choose from a large library of architect designed houses within a small housing project. Thereby ensuring that the new neighbourhood will have varied, high-quality, affordable and energy efficient housing, and a mixed population of satisfied residents. Since the start of WeBuildHomes, they have successfully built more than 70 homes. 
  • UX strategy
  • UX design


Bloemenbureau Holland
What flowers can do
Together with the associates from Call for Action, we have been working for Bloemenbureau Holland for over a decade now. We do all the online work, including the content platforms Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl and Mooiwatplantendoen.nl, the corporate site and other online services. Together with Kingsday we also create and develop the online campaigns like Lievelingsbloem.
  • Design facilitation
  • UX strategy
  • UX design



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